Wednesday, 27 July 2011

CRY HAVOC - A Feast For The Crows LP (PR 060)

The 60. release on Phobia Records is CRY HAVOC - "A Feast For The Crows" LP. Ten d-beat / crust bullets coming from Sheffield (UK), recorded in 1in12 Studio by Bri (Doom). Ex-members from Skiplickers and Bickles Cab. Luxury gatefold cover. Get it or leave it.

Price: 10 € + shipping

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Monday, 18 July 2011


Fear Of Extinction - s/t 7"EP
(Phobia Records 059)

Another d-beat / crust attack from Czech! Six raw dirty tracks from hell. Sounds like collision between Meanhwile and old Discharge with Crude SS sound. One time press only 500 pcs / shipping date from Monday.

Here´s the review of their demo:
From the get go this is an absolute thundering demo with power that is hard to truly express, but will give it a shot anyway, the bass just seems to trundle through the whole demo as if a support for everything else but it just gives an intense sound of distorted power. Which is complimented by some heavy hitting drums and a noisey guitar which just drones with the bass to give the demo a distort dooming hardcore sound and to top it all off early Discharge style vocals which just makes this a fantastic demo, also comes with a patch and a sticker but thats not why you should get this demo it's cause it is deadly, the patch and sticker are an appreciated bonus with the demo.
(Alex Distro-y)

Listen some examples:

Press info:
500 in total / black wax

Wholesale info:
Minimum quantity 3 copies - price 2.5 Euros (plus shipping / PayPal fees)

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

MÄNSKLIG LADUGARD - Zufale Riesenie 7"EP out now !!!!

Great d-beat / crust from Slovakia. Five songs debut vinyl release. Cooperation between many Czech & Slovakia labels. For noise example just check mp3 player on Phobia Records website.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

PRUMYSLOVA SMRT / RAPSOD split EP out soon on Phobia Records

Two bands coming from the same city - Jihlava. RAPSÖD serves the best mix between hardcore and thrash, think punky Municipal Waste. Check them out here. PRUMYSLOVA SMRT is fastcore pack with many vinyl releases. Here you can find some noises.

Out in June on Phobia Records! More info you´ll find at Phobia Records website.

Monday, 9 May 2011

The end of DIY overseas trades .....

Last week I got trade pack from Lucien (TTE Records) with 5 LPs in trade we made. I had to pay 523 CZK like tax due to new fucking laws which we have since 1.4.2011. So this time it was 4.4 EUR per 1 LP !!!

It seems that this is the end of "small" diy trades from overseas to Czech Rep.

Is there some similiar situation somewhere in Europe like in our fucking country?

"Funny" is that the total tax is counted from value of records PLUS shipping !!!! Unbelievable ... :-(. And final joke is I had to pay 180 CZK (apx. 7.5 euros) to Czech Post for their kindly services and help with customs. Shit! Fuck our fucking government!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

GO FILTH GO t-shirts & review

In our e-shop are right now available Go Filth Go t-shirts & backpatches with Sugi´s design. Nice silver print on high quality t-shirts! Check them out through this link.

And here´s the review from website:

ELECTRIC FUNERAL / GO FILTH GO split EP (2011, Phobia Records)
Two Bands, Six Songs, One Noisey 7″. Electric Funeral are a band who I have been a huge fan of and since first hearing them, I have been telling people to listen to and after hearing this 7″ I am not going to stop any time soon. What I love so much about Electric Funeral is despite the power of the noise and distort everything is clear as a bell, which may sound a bit of an oxymoron, but its true everything is perfect. As always full of energy and air punching d-beat noise to keep ya tied over till their next release. Go Filth Go who I hadn’t listened to previously but these Greek D-Beaters bring some chaotic d-beat noise to the split with galloping drums, Disclose styled vocals and noise guitars and a more stripped down and raw sound, the same sort of raw feel as of 80′s Hardcore the type that only the Scandinavians can do, which gives the 7″ a more destructive nature.Check out all of the details after the jump. (Alex Distro-y)